How does it work?

How much do group benefits cost you per employee? What cost-sharing arrangement should you choose? Should you offer a dental plan? Should you offer a pension plan?

We are here to help you answer these questions.

1 First Meeting

The first meeting is essential as it lets us get to know you and better define your company’s needs. Transparently and in your best interest, we start preparing a portrait of your situation.

2 Market Study

Based on your needs and on the specifics of your company (sector of activity, constraints, etc.), we present you with our conclusions on the effectiveness and attractiveness of your existing plan (if you have one) and provide our recommendations.

3 Installation of the Selected Plan

Once your plan is selected, we ensure a smooth transition to the selected insurance company including presentations to make employees aware of the benefits of the new plan.

4 Follow-up and Assistance

We then offer ongoing support to your company’s plan administrator. By constantly staying on top of the latest news and trends as they relate to your program, we keep you informed and in control through regular updates.